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It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Official Website of Sangamam, hosted by SangamamOttawa (Tamil Youth Cultural Society). Sangamam, is a Registered Not for Profit organization in Canada, was created to showcase the native Indian Classical Music and Dance Talents among our Children and Youth in Ottawa by providing Professional Stage Experiences for them and help Children Charities both in Canada and around the Globe. Indeed, Sangamam Stage brings all of our Children and Youth to work together under one roof. Sangamam would like to thank you for all your support in our effort to Empower our Children and Youth in Ottawa with Tamil Cultural values through Indian Classical Music and Dance art forms. It is our responsibility to create an environment for our Children & Youth to Empower themselves, grow their respective native talents, and guide them to be better performers. We also believe that the Sanagamam stage experiences will help them in their chosen careers as well and prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow.
"Explore and Promote the native Indian Classical Music and Dance talents among our Children and Youth"
"Let all the Rivers bring their Waters into the Ocean"
(Gather young talents and form professional platforms to carry forward their supreme capabilities into next generations)
To create professional platforms for Ottawa youths to showcase their Indian classical music and dance talents.
To find opportunities for youth artists from Ottawa, Toronto & Montreal to collaborate and perform together on stage.
To bring established Indian classical music and dance youth talents from outside of Ottawa to inspire Ottawa youth.
To create fundraising initiatives and public awareness for children and youth charities in Canada and around the globe.
Note: Minimum age to participate at Sangamam programs is Children & Youth age 10 or more.
Important Notices
NewPlease note that the Sangamam 2018 Tickets are on Sale now.
Contact: / 613-883-1156.
NewSangamam 2018 is a fundraising event for Autism Canada. We would appreciate your small donation to this great cause. Please click this link to donate to our Autism Canada fundraiser
New SangamamOttawa offers a variety of advertising opportunities at Sangamam 2018 to showcase your company's brand and strengthen your reputation in the business community. Your donations would help us to showcase Classical Music, and Dance Talents of our Children and Youth in the best way possible. Advertising details can be found here.
Sangamam 2018
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